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Sheri Atkinson Copier

I'm a LDS widowed single mom with a young son at home. I recently lost my husband of 35 years to cancer and lost a 2 month boy to strep B. I have seen many trials in my days but have relied on the Lord to endure and grow from each of them. I have a strong faith in my Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I love to have fun with my children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. My dream is to own a "56 T-bird like the one Suzanne Sommers drove in American Graffiti. I love Disney Princesses. Belle is my favorite. She is the only one of the girls that didn't need a man to rescue her, she did the rescuing. I believe this was possible because she is smarter from all the reading she does! I love music, dancing, reading, and many other things. I try to do them as often as I am able.